Greg Kappes

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ecosystem (fluid resistors)
Part of the fluid resistors series. fluid resistors is a series of works surrounding the use of water as a component of an electrical circuit. The combination of water and electronics, normally a taboo, is the central working principle of this series and proposes an alternate way of viewing technology; as a phenomenon which surrounds us and which forms part of our natural environment. The second piece (ecosystem) in the series explores how the movement of the water in these circuits alters the sound. Each custom oscillator circuit relies on a single reservoir of water, thus creating an interconnected ecosystem of sound-producing elements. As more time passes, the puddles on the floor grow and the connections through the puddles become more stable which builds to a more stable drone as well. In this piece, it was important to not only mix water and analog circuitry, but also to collage the “natural” sound of flowing water and the “artificial” sound of the oscillators.